Find a Non EHU CL

Using the Non EHU CL pdf sheet

We have not embedded the Non EHU CL Google sheet here as the facility headings do not display correctly. So below is a 12 page pdf of the sheet sorted by county. To move around the page used the menu icons at the top it can be printed etc. The links now work in this viewer but it openes the page in the veiwer (so will have to use back arrow on browser to go back to sheet)
Any Greyed listings do not link to a CAMC listing so may have left/leaving the club.

At the bottom of the page is an interesting summary of the Non Ehu CLs by County and facilities offer etc
If you need to view in a different way follow the Sharing Link to the sheet and instructions below this pdf, the links will be live in this.

Using the Non EHU CL Google sheet

SHARING LINK: Click here to open the Non EHU CL sheet

The default view of the sheet should be CLs sorted by County. There are 448 listed on this sheet. There are some postcodes listed these will be added to over time!

You can scroll up and down the list on the right vertical scroll bar and left & right on the bottom scroll bar

There are links to the CLs page listing on the CAMC website in column 4 which should open a separate page and take you there, to the right of that there will be a blue dot if they have images to view. To the right of this is a range of facilities available a dot against CLs row means available.

If you view the Non EHU CL Google sheet by clicking a sharing link or from the link above on this page on a computer you will be able to sort data by filtering what you do or don’t want (there are some “filter views” already set up! “A-Z County”, “A-Z CL Name” , Postcode, etc)
Look for Filter Views along the icon menu bar above the sheet for  to the right will be a down arrow if you click that it will show the filterviews already set up go down and click the one you wish to view. You can also you hover over the top on the right of the column header (the cell where the letters are) a down type arrow will appear or if you see  you will be able to sort sheet, click it and click sort A-Z (this work on the the dots as will group them all together!)

If you find an issue or would like us to edit/add an entry please leave a comment on the sheet page. We will update the Google sheet monthly after going through the Club Magazine CLs update page.

We have now produced a Google Map to show the location and info of each of the non EHU/Off Grid CLs visited in the December 2017 updated database Click here to view or it is embedded below. You can zoom in on the area you are interesteded in and click the icons, this will bring up the data on the CL.