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 We would like to say use your common sense but in this day and age this is not enough!

The list below is to help the management ensure that all have a enjoyable stay at Newton Grove

The Rules & Regs are put in place for the Safety of all caravanners and visitors, to protect the countryside you have come to enjoy and ensure everyone can benefit from their experience.

Please note by making a booking either online or over the phone you are agreeing to our on site rules, terms and conditions.

Payment for your stay can be paid by BACS, cheque, or cash paid on arrival. During busy times, if fully booked (eg bank holidays/summer holidays) payment may be required in advance.

BACS and cheque payment details will be provided upon request.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy: 30 days notice or longer - 90% refunded, 15 - 29 days notice - 50% refunded, 14 days or less notice - No refund

Earliest arrival time 11.00, latest arrival time 19.00 hours. (these times are flexible!  - if you are running behind/held up please contact us and we do our best to accommodate you)

All pitches must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure unless by prior arrangement with owner.

The owners shall not be held responsible for any accident, loss, damage or theft to persons, vehicles, caravans, motor-homes or trailer tents, contents or accessories, however caused.

All caravans, motor-homes or trailer tents and cars must be insured on site at Newton Grove. We at Newton Grove are not responsible for any accidents or injuries caused on site.

In wet conditions we may ask you to use a gravelled area.

No vans or commercial vehicles allowed.

Newton Grove reserves the right to refuse any pitch to any persons at our discretion. In these cases all site fees or deposits will be refunded in full and the contract discharged.

General conduct:  If in our opinion anyone staying on site is considered to be behaving unreasonably, causing annoyance/nuisance or being detrimental to either our interests or those of other campers or our neighbours they will be asked to leave immediately.

Noise nuisance, loud music and offensive language will not be tolerated.

Please think of others regarding noise at all times and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00 am especially if returning to the camp site late in the evening, so as not to disturb your fellow campers and our neighbours, as they may well be asleep.

Remember to close car doors and gates quietly not allowing them to slam shut.

Please respect other campers' privacy.

Children must be supervised at all times.

We do not accept un-supervised groups of youths or teenagers below the age of 21, or allow Stag or Hen parties - from experience they do not mix alongside a family atmosphere!

No visiting vehicles etc, are allowed on site without prior authorisation from owner.

The speed limit on the site is 10mph. Care should be taken when leaving the site onto Barford Road and gaining access onto the main highway.

The inner site gate should be carefully closed at all times and it is recommended that the combination padlock is locked in the evening, for your and site safety. The combination of the padlock will be given to you before arrival so you are able to enter the site.

No vehicles or cycles of any kind are to be driven/ridden around the site for amusement.

Large ball games or other air-borne games are not permitted on site.

No paddling pools or excessive water usage. No washing of caravans or cars on site.

Do not hang anything from or over the trees, bushes.

Awning groundsheets are only permitted if they are breathable, otherwise this will kill/retard grass growth

External gas bottles are not permitted.

Dogs are only welcome on site by prior arrangement in a caravan/motor home. We request that they are quiet and kept under control at all times as the boundaries are not stock proof. This is to preserve the wildlife within the site and not to annoy neighbours and other dog walkers.
In the interest of hygiene, pets must be exercised away from the site, cleaned up after and kept on a lead at all times. Tethers are permitted but at sensible lengths and please do not attach them to trees, bushes or fencing. Please do not leave dogs in your vehicle/caravan/awning or motor home while you are away from the site.

Generators are only allowed if they do not cause annoyance/nuisance to others on site. If requested not to use a generator by management or other visitors please respect this.

Smoking. Please do not smoke near to or down wind of others who do not smoke. Please do not throw cigarette ends on the ground or in the bushes. Respect the environment and be considerate and thoughtful to others. Rather than banning smoking, if there are any unresolved issues the management may ask you to only smoke off site.

BBQ’s are the responsibility of the camper. To prevent dead patches appearing in the grass, we only permit BBQs if you have advised us beforehand and they are positioned a minimum of 600mm (2 feet) above the ground. A catch pan for the oil must be used to prevent the grass from being burnt or scorched.
Remember the coals stay hot well after your food is cooked so please double check that they are completely extinguished after use, and should be disposed of in the green wheelie bin when cold.

Please do not tip used oil (soak up with kitchen towel and dispose of when cold in Green bin) or boiling water onto the grass and keep hot pans/kettles raised as these also scorch the grass.

Open fires of any kind are strictly forbidden as are the discharge of fireworks and Chinese lanterns on the camp site and surrounding areas.

Newton Grove, surrounding country lanes and South Newington has no street lighting whatsoever; it is advisable to bring a good torch!

The water point provides mains-fed drinking water and can be found by the trees by the drive in the pitching area, this is clearly marked “drinking water”. For hygiene purposes please do not allow any attached pipes to reach the ground.

 A chemical and waste disposal point can be found further up the drive from the gravel entrance to the field, clearly marked “Elsan point” with a separate water supply for rinsing your chemical toilet and the lid area.
Dustbins and recycling bins are also in this area. Please use these for recyclable materials to help our environment. Please heed the notice on site with regard to what can be recycled and into which bin it must be deposited. Please put all non-recycling rubbish in plastic bags with the tops tied, into the Green bin. Do not leave any bags beside the bins, as the local wildlife will empty them during the night! Also please avoid leaving sharp objects or broken glass where they could become a hazard.

When taking a booking you will be asked for the dates you wish to stay, your name, address, e-mail address, mobile telephone number, membership number, number of adults/children in your vehicle, size/type of vehicle, registration number, any pets, any additional requirements.
When you make a booking, we store your contact and holiday information in our booking system. This information is only held for the purposes of managing this and future bookings.

Personal information is not shared with any other third parties.
We are not responsible for information on external websites.
We will provide a summary of any personal information held upon request. This information will only be sent to the e-mail address held with the booking that is associated with it.
We do not keep credit/debit card or bank details on our systems.

Contract Terms: please note these rules and conditions form the basis of our contract with you. On booking, payment or entry to the site it implies acceptance of these and any other conditions we may display on site.

The management of Newton Grove reserve the right to make any changes to the above.